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We Offer Innovative Digital Strategy To Help You Grow Beyond Boundaries Digital Strategy Consulting has become an essential for all the enterprises that want to grow beyond boundaries. It enables them to execute technological transformation so that they can avail the benefits of digitization in each of their operations and processes. With the adoption of a sound digital strategy, enterprises can leverage data analytics and deliver a seamless omnichannel customer experience. The sales go up and the business is able to build a brand. At Maamekal, we are a leading technology partner where businesses can avail futuristic digital consulting services in India. We put enterprises and startups on the growth route by helping them integrate innovative technological strategies into their corporate plans.

Research And Analysis

Research and analysis make the foundation of digital transformation. As a leading technology partner, we make in-depth research on the latest and upcoming technologies, the industry, its competition, customers, and more. Further, we thoroughly analyze the data to formulate a realistic plan of action. This gives us a solid platform to build an effective technological transformation strategy.


Adoption of Business Intelligence Innovations disrupts the traditional business model and opens up a world of opportunities for an enterprise. As one of the leading digital consulting firms, we assist corporates and startups to embark on this disruptive yet exciting journey. We help the scale to the latest trends and developments as well as develop specialized training programs and workshops for them so that they can fit into the role of a tech-savvy organization.


Digitization is a tough journey for enterprises and startups as they have to scale to the changes it brings along. For this reason, periodic review of the transformation strategy is necessary to make sure that it is yielding results. At our experts make sure that clients get regular reviews and reports that measure the performance of the strategy we implement for them.

Digital Services

we believe that great businesses deserve to be recognized. We offer reliable SEO services to get your business top rankings on all search engines.

Capture web browsing data for each contact and create custom events to track key behavior.

Work out of your Gmail account and manage your contacts anywhere online.

Create four high-converting form types and use them to trigger your marketing and sales automation.

When you become an ActiveCampaign customer, you are getting access to an ecosystem of resources.

Our free Expert Migration Service makes switching easy. Our experts will move your data for you.

Everything you need about digital marketing under ONE roof

Our core competency is that you will have everything you need about digital marketing under ONE roof.

Digital Strategy

Using a range of digital initiatives can take your business to the next level. It can add value to your business and boost up your company’s overall performance.

Social Media

Investing into a social media audit will provide a strong base for your social media strategy. It will assess whether your social media efforts is good and recommend you thoroughly.

Email Marketing

One of the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales. An effective email marketing campaign can expand your reach to 95% of online consumers.

SMS Marketing

Your audience will read your message within minutes, which makes SMS great for limited time contests, coupon promotions or reminders.