About us

Who we are

E-marketing.org.uk is a full service digital marketing agency in the UK. We devote our time to understanding what your business objectives are and go on to make them our own objectives. At e-marketing.org.uk, we provide information, guidance and training courses on every aspect of internet marketing. We are an award winning digital marketing site that emphasizes creative and strategic thinking in developing integrated online marketing campaigns that generate results. We have the experienced experts with an edge in every aspect of digital marketing. We are passionate about our task and continue to employ new methods and technologies in order to bring the best out in the form of results for our clients.

We are ambitious and it reflects in the goals we have set for ourselves and our standards. These are the parts of our agency clients benefit from the most because working with us rubs these qualities off on your team too. One of our goals is to grow into the most trusted and most qualified digital marketing agency in the UK and beyond. We have already begun moving in that direction as we cover multiple internet marketing services like email marketing, Facebook marketing, direct marketing, and so on.

We understand the significance of the level of trust our clients invest on us by providing us with their marketing strategies and objectives. We are the online marketing agency with the highest level of confidentiality. We are focused only in moving your business forward by delivering on actionable information and marketing results. We also understand that the internet marketing industry is filled with jargons. This is why we always try to.communicate our campaign processes to you in clear language so you will be carried along.

At e-marketing.org.uk, we employ existing  digital marketing techniques in ways they have not been used before to create significant results. We do not believe in quick fixes, instead, we work towards creating long-term marketing advantages for our clients. We are that internet marketing agency with a clear eye on the future and we believe in you. Therefore, can always rely on us to provide you with quality results as we place your interest above ours anytime.

What we do

We have a large database and digital marketing experience which allow us to provide clients with any information they need in any area of internet marketing. We guide companies through implementing their marketing strategies. We also offer online marketing courses to both professionals and nonprofessionals who are interested in getting a diploma in internet marketing. We designed the courses to fit those with full time jobs and those who intend being regular students.

Our services cover  every part of online marketing with innovative approaches. This is because we do not believe in a singular method especially when it comes to search engine optimization, social media marketing and content marketing. Our expertise in generating creative solutions sets us apart from other agencies in lead generation. We achieve this through thorough communication to understand the kinds of leads your business needs. Although we have a large database, we still ensure we understand your marketing objectives. This way, we continue maintaining our track record of only providing good leads to our numerous clients.

At e-marketing.org.uk, we believe every market is unique. This mindset makes it possible for us to work efficiently with local and international companies. Our services are designed to benefit businesses with branches in multiple locations. You will find that we represent the ideals of both small digital marketing agency and the large ones who service a wide range of both local and international companies. Like small internet marketing agencies, our services are flexible, personal and autonomous. But as a big agency, we have the tools and skills to deliver excellent results.

Since inception, we have been developing digital marketing strategies that ensure achieve outstanding results. But more than that, we take pride in going a step further to create amazing user experiences that result in success stories in the form of internet marketing campaigns. What we have done so far has been just that; creating digital marketing models that put the user experience first.

Doing business with us is refreshing and easy. This is as we are able to work with any kind of business ranging from financial institutions to tech businesses. Our methods are unique. We are poised to learning from our clients as well as educating them so that they have good understanding of everything we are doing.

Our team

Our team is made up of highly trained professionals with diverse skills in different areas of internet marketing. We are basically a mixture of ambition, passion and expertise. What make up the team that is e-marketing.org.uk are a people with a large spectrum of skills and determination who are always looking for more effective ways to both drive sales and growth your brand. We have tech gurus, strategic thinkers, data analysts, social media strategists, and a lot more.

Our team members carry themselves as an extension of your in-house marketing team. This means we hire only people who can easily adapt to new environments and can learn fast. No matter what industry your business is in, we are here with you every step of the way. By seeing ourselves as your partner and an extension of your in-house marketing team, we easily influence growth and increase your digital marketing return on investment.

Though our agency is relatively new, every member of our team especially the account managers has at least 5 years hands-on experience in internet marketing industry. We are also constantly hiring to ensure there are enough hands actively working on your accounts.

Our marketing executives are the kind you will find punching codes  and brainstorming one minute and the next minute they are skateboarding. They are passionate about their jobs so much so that they don’t see it as a job anymore. The constant efforts towards improvement is a source of