B2B marketing

What is B2B marketing?

B2B marketing is a unique marketing model which involves the sale of one company’s product to another company. This marketing technique pays attention to the number of executives of a business that are in the decision-making process and allows their marketing campaign to reflect this several-member audience. This model is quite different from the “business to government” model even though it shares similarities with it.

What’s the first thing I should do to develop a B2B marketing strategy?

Creating a B2B marketing strategy is demanding, as there is huge competition for clients and their attention. Therefore, the strategy will require thoughtful planning which should be followed by a smooth execution. The first thing you should do to develop a B2B marketing strategy is develop a solid plan which covers every scenario. Spell out your marketing objectives and how you intend to meet them.

How long will it take to see results?

Once we are done developing your marketing strategy, we can execute your campaign within 1 to 2 months in-market. This will be carried out using data that we can measure and act upon. Generally, under an average of 6 months, there will be a steam of leads available to you which will significantly improve your sales.

Why do I need an agency that specialises in B2B?

B2B marketing agencies are more specific and focused on B2B marketing. If you decide to go with advertising or regular marketing agencies you will find they deal more with B2C marketing while only attempting B2B marketing once in a while. Both areas are different, especially in their approach. While a B2C will talk a lot to you about branding and logos, B2B will emphasise the product and how to make sales.

How much knowledge does my organisation require?

Most of our clients do not have knowledge in B2B marketing strategies. All we usually need them to do is have an extensive knowledge of their own business while, on the other hand, our team members will be the experts in B2B marketing. From time to time, we bring in our own knowledge to help in the process. However, most of the time, our clients end up gaining more knowledge of marketing strategies at the end of each project.

Do your Marketing Representatives use a script?

Yes. Our marketing representatives use a well-designed and thorough script, but only as a guideline. This is so that they will cover the essential information during a call. However, we focus more on training them as excellent conversationalists capable of presenting a product or service in the most confident way possible. They understand the products and services and understand the principles of conducting outbound calls.

Do you provide documentation on all calls?

We ensure all calls are properly documented. As standard, we will provide you with daily reports on the results of calls. Also, a more detailed report at the end of every week. We also schedule periodic calls where we further discuss strategies from the results reflected in the weekly reports.

 Who owns the database you develop on a lead generation campaign?

The information gathered during a campaign does not belong to our agency. instead, it belongs to you.

Is my data protected?

Your information is always secure. It is encrypted with state-of-the-art encryption software and locked away safely behind a firewall. Here, we also have strict password-use policies which we strictly enforce. This includes a password creation procedure which involves symbols, numbers and letters. Also, we enforce lockouts, password resets and we get a notification for every password change made.

What is the best attribution model?

For B2B companies, which have a sales teams, the best attribution model is the W-shaped attribution model. It is recommended because it covers every part of the customer journey – from the first touch to the key lead transitions. But, generally, which is the best attribution model varies from business to business. For instance, the recommended attribution model for a small business would probably be the single touch model. It is affordable and relatively easy to implement.

How do I ensure good cooperation with sales?

In B2B marketing, you need the sales department as much as you do the marketing department. They are going to be the ones to convert the leads generated by the marketing department into sales. Therefore, to ensure cooperation with sales, there has to be good communication between the two departments. Also, indicate the leads you will have to follow by determining which leads have the most potential and focus your attention on them.

How do you detect a fake B2B influencer?

There is really no easy way to know a fake influencer. It requires thorough examination which will involve putting heads together with your team members. Let them weigh in on the decision and you can learn what they think about each influencer. You should also rely on technology to show you the influencer’s performance and audience engagement metrics.

How involved will we be?

We have a system in which we conduct periodic conference calls with clients, along with the daily call results reports we deliver to them. It is during these conference calls we discuss further strategies to employ. Our system of operation is highly collaborative with our clients to make sure they are highly involved.

What metrics should I use to measure my marketing performance?

The most important metric, at the end of the day, to measure marketing performance is revenue. It is important that as a B2B marketer in a revenue-driven market you prove the value of your input to your organisation. But it is also essential that, while doing that, you also show how many leads you were able to generate, how many were turned into opportunities and how many of them generated revenue.

How useful is LinkedIn for B2B marketing?

Since B2B marketing involves marketing to another business, LinkedIn will connect you with thousands of professionals who might be interested in your products or services. It is the largest social media platform which presents you to many potential connections. It also makes it possible for you to conduct a paid ad which will target this audience.