Business marketing

What is business marketing and management?

Business marketing is a marketing type in which businesses sell their goods and services to other businesses and organisations. The businesses who purchase the finished products use them for their own manufacturing or to drive their own sales and brand. Unlike consumer marketing, business marketing strategies are more specific and personalised. In some ways, consumer marketing affects the practices of business marketing, since demands in the latter affect the demands in the former. In this strategy, it targets the major decision makers of the businesses it is marketing to.  Business marketing is also referred to as business to business marketing or industrial marketing. However, it differs a little from business to government marketing, even though they share similarities.

What jobs are there in business marketing?

With a degree in business marketing, you can pursue exciting careers in different industries. Some of these careers include market research analyst, brand manager, chief marketing officer, and so on.

What are the trends of business marketing?

The major trend in business marketing is the internet. Just the way it has revolutionised consumer marketing, the internet has also changed the way business marketing operates. The upgrade in search engines has changed how people search for the information they need, and businesses are now using it to look for the goods and services they need too. We have moved away from the days that they had to go through journals and search for new services and products to optimise their own industrial efforts. Also, public relations is another major trend in industrial marketing today. These and social media are significantly influencing the way businesses interact.

How does business marketing differ from consumer marketing?

Although they are different, these two terms are now more similar than they have ever been before. This is owing to the interests in social media and internet marketing. The business channels that can be used by both have erased a lot of the differences between the two. However, business marketing is more specific and demands more information than consumer marketing. Marketers, here, have to know who their target market is, what they are looking for and what they intend to do with it. There is a need for more facts and stronger backing for any claim made.

What else, apart from content, do I need?

Content is key in marketing, even in business marketing, but it is not all you will need. Also identify in-house experts who will be charged with content development even when you outsource to an agency. Plan your distribution channels and the objectives of each. Define measurements for tracking success and identifying which strategy works and why.

What should be in a good business marketing campaign?

It should include extensive research. At Connect Digital Marketing, we conduct extensive research into your target market with the goal of finding the right search terms for your website. Also, your campaign should reflect a deep understanding of your prospect’s needs.

What is the best way to grow my business using marketing?

Whatever methods you choose to employ in business marketing have to provide you with the tools to effectively develop a personal relationship with your prospect, especially in the long run. Email marketing is one of these ways. It allows you to constantly maintain personalise correspondence with your prospects and consequently earn their trust. Businesses are always looking for better ways to optimise their production and service delivery. This allows you to stay on top of their needs.

How often should I update my website?

Leaving your website for a long time without any relevant updates will not help you perform well. It will also not support you in realising any business marketing objective. Your web presence should assist in generating leads for you, and your target market also needs to know you are an expert who keeps in touch with every change and trend in your industry. Therefore, as often as you can, you should update your website to position yourself as an authority in business marketing.

How much time should I spend on marketing?

Marketing is an important part of every business. It is what will help you grow and expand your customer base. Therefore, any amount of time you spend planning your marketing strategies is time well spent. Even when you hire a professional marketer, also ensure you are part of the planning process, especially in business marketing which is more demanding.

Does digital marketing work for all business types?

Yes. Digital marketing is effective for all marketing types, whether you are in business marketing or consumer marketing. Whatever product or service you are looking to market, digital marketing should be part of your efforts. What should be specific to your business are your strategies, which should be tailored to your goals, objectives and the needs of your target market.

Are there business marketing case studies?

Using internet marketing, we have supported so many businesses including industrial and manufacturing companies to increase their sales. We also understand that the most important part of any marketing investment is its return on investment, and we not only have ways of measuring them in detail, but also ensure the best ROI possible.

What can I do to get FAST business marketing results?

A lot of your marketing efforts are going to be channelled towards the internet, which is why digital marketing is fast becoming the go-to marketing type for both consumer and B2B marketers. So, you are likely going to get faster results if you invest in PPC and SEO campaigns. While SEO can get you results, they will be after a while. PPC campaigns are what will provide you with faster results, which is what most business owners are looking for.

What skills and personal characteristics are required to succeed in business marketing?

To succeed in business marketing, one needs to be able to communicate effectively. The people at the other end of the marketing effort understand their needs more than those in consumer marketing and you need to be able to communicate clearly to them. Also, being able to work with others, especially those from different sectors is a good skill to have. You have to train yourself to approach problems both creatively and analytically and have a strong desire to meet marketing objectives.