Direct marketing

What is direct marketing?

This is a form of marketing where a business presents information about their products or services to a targeted audience who are likely to be interested, without the use of a middleman. Unlike the regular methods of advertising, it makes direct contact with an audience that it knows are going to need the service or product. This means the content of this marketing method is going to be more personalised. It is one of the marketing methods that is both cost effective and highly efficient. It is highly concentrated and precise in its approach, which makes it perfect for small businesses.

What are the different types of direct marketing?

The different forms of direct marketing include:

  • Internet marketing: The internet has revolutionised direct marketing as it is now more cost effective, flexible, more responsive and eliminates any geographical factor.
  • Telemarketing: This involve the use of telephone conversations. It is an easy way to eliminate any buyer objection.
  • Face-to-face selling: This is the most traditional method and it involves going to meet your prospects in their homes or offices.
  • Direct mail: This involves sending out information about a product or service to a targeted street or email address.
  • Other direct marketing types include kiosk marketing, direct response marketing, and catalogues.

What is direct marketing expense?

Direct marketing expense is the amount of money a business spends on all direct forms of marketing. It is an important consideration as marketing, generally, is a significant business function. This is as it is the business element that creates a customer base for any business.

What are the benefits of direct marketing?

Apart from being personalised and, consequently, more effective, the most important benefit of direct marketing is that it elicits a quicker response from its audience. This way, the business can quickly make the needed changes in their strategy. Also, it is ideal for small businesses as it allows them to concentrate their rather limited resources on a viable set of prospects.

Is direct marketing the same as direct mail?

These two terms are usually used interchangeably. However, they are not the same. While direct mail is direct marketing, direct marketing is not necessarily direct mail. The latter is one of the many forms of direct marketing. In direct mail, prospects are contacted directly through their mailbox or email address.

What is the biggest mistake in direct marketing?

The biggest mistake people make in direct marketing is expecting to see significant results with just one round of advertising. Granted, you will get a few responses after your first ad, especially if it is good. But subsequent ones present you with the full benefits of a well-targeted direct marketing campaign. Your prospects need to see your ad over and over again to be motivated to respond to it.

How can I monitor the success of a direct marketing campaign?

It is very easy to monitor the success of a direct marketing campaign, especially as the process involves the prospect giving one form of response or another. But, it is also important for businesses to implement other measures, so they can better understand key performance indicators. This is where we come in. We have perfected methods of measuring our clients’ campaigns and we provide you with real time reports on them.

What response rate should I expect?

There is no easy answer to that. The response rate for your campaign will depend on a few factors, like the nature of your offer, media selection, and your list segmentation. It is easier to project a response rate when you have run a couple of campaigns in the past using the same variables. It will be difficult doing so for companies that are attempting the campaign for the first time.

Do you guarantee results?

Every aspect of digital marketing involves variables which make any kind of guarantee, as far as results are concerned, impossible. Some of these variables are beyond our control and yours. Therefore, you should avoid anyone who makes any guarantee of success to you. However, if we have enough case studies from your business, we will be able to arrive at a possible outcome. What we can guarantee you, though, is that we will design a quality direct marketing campaign strategy which will yield great results.

Is direct mailing an outdated medium?

Not at all. Direct mailing is still a common medium when it comes to direct marketing. Instead, it is now being improved. Direct mailing has been redesigned to augment the efforts of other direct marketing campaigns. It is now common practice to include links to landing pages and QR codes leading to videos, messages and other digital content.

Will direct marketing be beneficial to every organisation?

Direct marketing has proven to be beneficial to every organisation ranging from companies to non-profit organisations. Its targeted approach makes it the perfect marketing approach for both revenue generation and brand awareness creation. It is even more result oriented when its campaigns are run by an experienced and well-equipped direct marketing agency like us.

I am experienced in direct marketing, why should I choose Connect Digital Marketing?

If you are experienced in direct marketing, then you understand the amount of time and resource waste that can result from a single mistake. With our years of experience in the field, we have developed error-proof safeguards to avoid such minor omissions. We have both the equipment and the skills to assure you quality list as requested.

How quickly can an organisation start a direct marketing campaign?

You can start your direct marketing campaign tomorrow, if you want, and we can launch it at moment’s notice. But it is better to approach it with a quality strategy and accurate data. A potentially successful direct marketing campaign is a perfect blend of various marketing channels like social media, email, phone, and so on. The more time we have to bring every member of our team up to speed and properly coordinate the campaign, the more successful it will be.