More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook several times a day. Approximately 2.4 billion people login to Facebook each month. There’s a good chance that your prospective consumers are on Facebook and are regularly using it to communicate with their families, friends and patronise their favourite products. Different categories of people use Facebook to communicate with companies to try and find solutions to their problems.

How do you effectively exploit the opportunities provided by Facebook? Read on to find out more about what Facebook marketing entails and how to go about it.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing refers to building and utilising Facebook as a medium of communication for establishing and retaining interaction with clients. Facebook provides individuals, companies and organisations the opportunity to promote their brands/services using Facebook ads.

Facebook offers marketers tools like profile creation, company pages for businesses, organisations, etc. This simplicity of the process makes Facebook marketing attractive to:

  •         Influencers
  •         Nationwide brands

·         Local businesses etc.

What are the Major Benefits of Facebook Marketing?

Facebook helps you to increase revenue and grow your business. Some of the main benefits of choosing Facebook marketing are:

1. Low Cost

Facebook guarantees free signing and low cost of advertising through automated ads which eases the cost of advertisement for small businesses with limited resources to spend marketing on other platforms such as Google ads, website, television, radio etc.

2. Easy sharing of information

The information of your products or services is easily shared on Facebook on personal times, pages, and groups.

3. Easy communication

Potential consumers on Facebook can easily contact your company through the company’s page and interact on value-added issues. This is better compared to automated business email.

4. Easy customer care service

A company can respond to customers’ requests easily on Facebook and fix problems quicker. This increases the level of customer satisfaction and can help in developing personal relationships and fostering brand loyalty.

5. Website traffic promotion

When you add your website link to your Facebook page, there’s a chance that the traffic of your website will increase. This is because when customers get the information they need from the Facebook page they will visit your website to make their purchase etc.

6. Promoting awareness

The excellent tools for Facebook marketing are likes and shares. The more Facebook users like and share your posts the more people will be aware about your company and the kind of products or services you offer.

How do I start Marketing on Facebook?

There are several processes you need to follow to market your brands or services on Facebook. These are:

1. Create a personal profile

You create a Facebook personal profile by signing on Facebook. You need a personal Facebook profile to create a Facebook page or group. Using your Facebook personal profile for business could violate the terms of service of Facebook.

2. Create a business page

Facebook permits you to use a business page instead of your personal profile for business. Maintaining an active Facebook page for your company gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your business and customers.

3. Create/Join Facebook groups

Facebook groups are the networks that you access from your personal profile or page on Facebook. Facebook groups constitute people and organisations of like-minded that share and exchange relevant information on a particular interest or brands. 

Such groups often have rules to keep their purpose focused on the interaction. You can create your own Facebook group or join one of the existing Facebook groups that are related to your company and market your brands there.

4. Compose a Facebook video

Facebook video gives you the opportunity to interact intimately with your customers and prospects. This intimacy is strengthened through native and live video commentaries. The goal is to ensure viewers are viewing the videos all the time.

How do I build a Facebook Community?

Invite friends on Facebook to follow you. Announce your profile everywhere you go, on your website, emails and newsletters etc.

Motivate your existing followers to get engaged with your posts. A liked and shared post will appear on the news feeds of your follower which will maximise the visibility of your page and inspire more users to like it.

Interact with your existing followers. Address their queries and suggestions immediately. Ask and answer questions about them, just don’t dictate discussions that pop-up on your page.

How do I Create a Facebook Page?

Facebook page is the key to meeting your targeted customers on Facebook. A Facebook page is a public page that’s aimed at increasing the awareness and patronage of a personality, an organisation, a company’s brand or service.

By creating a Facebook page, you’re joining over 70 million companies around the world that are already marketing their production Facebook page with an increasing number every day. Thus creating a Facebook page for your business should not be an option but a necessity for the rapid growth of your business.

The following are the step-by-step guides on how to create a Facebook page for your business:  

  1.     Login to Facebook
  2.     Create a page
  3.     Organise page tabs
  4.     Upload profile and background pictures
  5.     Write a short description of your company
  6.     Create a username for your page
  7.     Create shortcuts for your page
  8.     Set page roles
  9.     Customise notifications
  10. Insert a Call-to-All (CTA) page
  11. Verify your page

How to Optimise Your Facebook Page Preview

A multitude of avenues falls within the 3 primary targets. While not all of these may be required by an external company — or by all of them for your business — they include functions such as: Website Design, Website Optimization, Content Optimization, Content Curation, App Development, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Mobile Marketing and Integration Placement of Online Ads, Cross-Platform Marketing, Email Marketing. However, it is essential that you review what they create and distribute online when selecting an outside company to be partnering with. There’s no one who knows your company and brand better than you do and you don’t want to run the risk of generating inaccurate information on your behalf.

What are the Best Facebook Marketing Strategies?

The success or failure of your Facebook marketing depends on the strategies that you put in place. Below are the most effective marketing strategies on Facebook you should exploit:

  •         Set marketing goals
  •         Identify your audience
  •         Engage with your audience
  •         Post at the appropriate time
  •         Post engaging contents
  •         Choose the best Facebook ads format
  •         Track and review results
  •         Optimise your page
  •         Using Facebook resources (e.g Facebook groups, Facebook business manager)
  •         Embed Facebook ads and pixel

What is Facebook Ad?

Facebook ad refers to the advertisement of products or services of companies, businesses or institutions on Facebook. Facebook ad is characterised by a picture, a brand name, a description and a link to your company’s website.

Facebook ads appear on the newsfeed of Facebook users. Other Facebook ads appear on the news feed’s right hand. The advertisements create easier illustration and awareness of your business by including the image, brand name, short description of your company and the address of your company’s website.

How much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

The exact cost of Facebook ad is determined by Facebook ad auction. But you’re to decide how much to spend on Facebook ads through your campaign objective and budget. If you want to spend $5 a week, you can. If you want to spend $50,000 a week, you can do that too. 

What are the Types of Facebook Ad?

The following are the types of Facebook ad:

  1.     Photo ads
  2.     Video ads
  3.     Slideshow ads
  4.     Dynamic product ads
  5.     Canvas ads
  6.     Carousel ads

Each of these ads is important in marketing on Facebook but you should decide the one that fits your business. 

Some of the easiest ways to determine which type of Facebook ad to run is to look at the kind of ads used by your competitors through their “info and Ads” tab. 

How should I run a Facebook Ad?

The following are the best guides to run an effective Facebook ad:

  1.       Create a Facebook ad campaign
  2.       Set a new ad sets and ads
  3.       Manage Facebook ad bids
  4.       Target large audience
  5.       Optimise your ad campaigns
  6.       Review your campaigns’ performance constantly

What is the Major Feature of a Facebook Ad?

Facebook provides a range of paid advertising options and placements. But all Facebook ads have one common feature known as “campaign”.

Facebook campaign is the basis of Facebook advertisement. This is where you set the objective of your ad base on awareness, consideration or conversion. This is also where your assets are stored and ad sets are determined.            

Ad set refers to setting a Facebook ad that’s tailored to a particular campaign objective. You would require a package of separate advertisements for you to reach specific markets with various features which are determined through ad sets.

Your real ads live inside your ad sets. Each set of ads can contain a mixture of ads varying in colour, copy, image, etc.

How to Target and Optimise Ad Sets

If you pick an objective for your advertisement, Facebook will lead you to determine your ad set such as the audience, schedule and budget of your ad. When you used the Facebook advertising platform previously, you can use the secured audience for your ad set. Else you have to determine the demographic details of your new audience such as age, location, language and gender etc.

The detailed targeting box helps you to make your audience targeting more precise. Choose one of the pre-made categories from Facebook, or search on a particular company’s page your audience may have liked.

Finally, set your budget and schedule. Facebook provides the opportunity to create a regular budget or a budget for life. It’s your own choice to set your budget in consideration of the kind of your business, page performance review and campaign objective.

How to Set Up your Facebook Advertising Account

To set an advertisement on Facebook you need to set a payment method. After you have set up your ad account, you do not have to do so again unless you decide to adjust the payment method or create a new ad account.

Locate your Facebook Business Manager to set up your Facebook ads page. You should then click on “Ad Account” which is located under “Accounts”. Fill all the information required such as your name, address and other important details about your business.

You’ll be required to choose your billing currency and time zone in the process of setting your Facebook ad. Be very cautious about this detail. Once you have established your ad account you would not be able to alter it.

When you have entered information regarding your company, you’ll be required to provide specific details about your billing by clicking on ad account settings and payment settings.

The next step is to insert your cc or payment method which will take you to the billing page where you can:

  •         Put different forms of payment
  •         Update the existing types of payment
  •         Set spending limit of your account
  •         See your next bill

Congratulations! Your Facebook ad account is ready for your campaigns.

Are there Facebook Ad Account Limits?

There must be some limits on your Facebook ad account. However you shouldn’t be bothered by such limitations because they will not affect the success of your Facebook advertisement.

Below are Facebook account limits:

  •         Up to 25 ad accounts can be managed by a user
  •         An ad account can have a maximum of 25 users each
  •         An ad account may have up to 50 advertisements per ad package which are not deleted
  •         A regular account can have up to five thousand advertisements that aren’t deleted
  •         A regular user can include up to 1,000 sets which have not been deleted
  •         A regular account can have up to 1,000 sets which have not been deleted

How do I get Cheaper Clicks with Facebook Ads?

Optimising your advertisement is the easiest way to get cheaper clicks on Facebook. To get affordable clicks there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

If you really know your demographics and the best keywords for you, you can move on to test other things like images, text, CTA, etc. And for local businesses, you can just focus on the local area and test various images or ad types.

How do I get free Ads from Facebook?

There are advertisement coupons for Facebook, but if you’re looking for ways to gain organic traffic on Facebook for free, you should check Hacks for growth. They’re super simple.  But before throwing down any cash on Facebook ads weigh all options.


How is a Facebook Marketing Campaign Developed?

Facebook pages are often linked elsewhere on the internet to company web pages; therefore, it is often a good idea to have the same information in both places to maintain a familiarity. A company website can be visited as soon it appears on Facebook ads.

You should create a marketing team where each of the team members and the employees will be encouraged to like the page so that it appears on their personal profiles which will optimise the awareness of your page and brand.

Facebook automatically displays your future post to any Facebook user that likes your page and to any one of their friends will see this action. The more they like and comment on your post the more other people get to know about your page, company, products or services. 

You should encourage Facebook users to share your posts. As people share your posts on their timelines, pages, or groups, the awareness of your business and brand will increase. The focus of your company should thus be on promoting more likes, comments and shares on Facebook.

Posting regularly on your company’s page is the best strategy to boost the awareness of your company on Facebook.  An average Facebook user has over 130 friends and could be a member and follower of many groups, and pages. The average Facebook user has enough options to shun your outdated page.

How Do I know if my Facebook Campaign was Successful?

It’s important to look beyond the basic click or impression to see how effective your Facebook campaign is. Here are a few questions to ask in determining whether your Facebook campaign was successful or not:

  •         What did people do after viewing your ad?
  •         How many users viewed it?
  •         How many people visited your website?
  •         How many people liked or shared your post? What was the cost of each conversion?
  •         What is the score of your relevance?

The answers will give you an insight on the relevance of your ad to Facebook and to your targeted audiences. The answers will also determine the cost of your advertising and the duration at which your advertisements are advertised.

Why are My Facebook Ads not approved?

The reason why Facebook will not approve your ads could be based on the following:

  1.   When you violate the Community Standards of Facebook
  2.   When you post prohibited content such as illegal products, services, drugs and drug-related products among others
  3.   When you post restricted content such as alcohol, financial fraud etc.
  4.   When you post contents that discriminate, harass, provoke, or criticise users
  5.   When you engage in predatory advertising practices
  6.   When you post sexually suggestive content such as pornography
  7.   When you misuse Facebook brand assets
  8.   When you request for the wrong information in the Lead Ads
  9.   When you set ads that are irrelevant to the offered product or service
  10.   When you set too much text in ad images
  11.   When you abuse the data generated through Facebook or your ads

What are the Things that Facebook Algorithm Likes and Dislikes?

Facebook algorithm is what calculates the performance of your Facebook ad. The Facebook algorithm would often favour posts with lots of likes, comments, or shares, especially if the engagement emerged from a short time frame.

Facebook algorithm recommends content to a Facebook user if their friends liked it, as well as on the topics that the user often comments on or appears to like regularly.

What the algorithm of Facebook doesn’t are the following:

  •         Spam contents
  •         Likebaiting
  •         Clickbaiting
  •         Repetitive posts
  •         Text-based updates
  •         Irregular pattern of engagement
  •         Overly promotional

What Will Happen if I don’t Pay Facebook Ads Bill?

The following are the consequences of not paying your Facebook ads bill:

  •         Disabling your ad account
  •         Blocking your user account
  •         Removing your social pages
  •         Possible lifetime ban from Facebook
  •         Prosecution
  •         Charges and legal penalties

Are Facebook Ads Better Than Google Ads?

The difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads is in the way they target people. Google targets people based on what they search, while Facebook targets people based on their profile, likes and the pages they follow. With Google Ads, you can find an instant buyer because the person is actively searching for that particular product but, with Facebook, you would find someone who is interested in your product but might not buy at that exact moment. Also, Facebook Ads are cheaper than Google Ads.

Why Are My Posts Seen By So Few Of My Facebook Fans?

You are probably asking this question because you haven’t heard about the “News Feed Algorithm” introduced by Facebook, or you just don’t understand it. Facebook wanted to avoid overwhelming individuals with News Feed content because they believe that everyone has friends and family who are always posting things on Facebook at the same time and no one wants to be stuck seeing various posts from the same set of people constantly. This means that posting something on your page does not guarantee that it will be seen by your fans. Even though this may seem unfair, it makes Facebook more enjoyable for users. Your chances of being seen by your fans can be increased by posting more videos than images and texts. You should also make use of ‘Facebook Live’ because, recently, Facebook has decided to give video content priority.

How Do I Engage My Facebook Fans, Followers And Customers?

A few ways to engage your followers, fans and customers are – ask your audience interesting and open-ended questions that will compel them to respond, post a fill-in-the-blank sentence referencing something your audience may have different opinions about, motivate your audience to enter your contests by giving away prizes, have your audience tag a friend in the post comments as entry to a giveaway, use the comment picker app to select a winner and, consistently, post meaningful content that compels your audience to express their opinions in the comments and share with their friends.


Facebook is not only powerful but so versatile. It has enough different marketing choices for every kind of business or organisation that you run with a marketing strategy that suits your company, objective, and budget.

Facebook is growing day by day and you shouldn’t exclude your business among the number of millions businesses that are generating revenue through Facebook marketing.

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