What is a mailshot email?

A mailshot is a letter used in advertising for something like the purchase of a particular product or appealing for donations to a charity project. The trend was at its peak in the early 2000s. They are sent out to a large number of people all at once, usually targeting a certain group of people. In marketing, it is a direct marketing strategy that allows businesses to communicate with a large number of customers and their prospects using posts. The content can come in the form of either postcards or formal letters. The use depends on the business’s objectives like sales of goods and services or the notification for upcoming events like product launches or campaigns.

How do I use mailshot?

The success of a mailshot depends on the writing and the recipients. You can generate your lists from your contacts, importing an address book, or directly inputting them as you write. If you are not just starting out, you can add from your previous mailshot groups. If you want to forward an email, it is better to copy the group to your device clipboard and paste the address line in the mail app you are using. Plan your approach carefully by having a good understanding of your readers. This will help you know the right format to use.

Why run a mailshot campaign?

Using mailshot to communicate with your customers and prospects is an effective way to build your brand and drive sales. The method has been around for years. This is because of its wide range of benefits for both businesses and organisations. Unlike most other methods, mailshots are targeted and can easily be personalised. The campaign doesn’t take much time to create and responds well with even a low budget. One can use it to compliment other marketing strategies and they have a high return on investment.

Are mailshots environmentally friendly?

This question always comes up once mailshot is mentioned, but you will be surprised to hear there are lots of environmentally-friendly options available which have become the norm in direct mailing. With paper recycling and biodegradable envelopes, you are being eco-friendly when you make use of mailshots for your marketing campaigns.

What do I include in a mailshot?

There is no limit to what can be contained in a mailshot. It can simply be a leaflet, a flier or a pack. However, the most consistent item in a mailshot is the letter, as it is the most important component. It is there that you demonstrate your understanding of your customers and prospects. The only restriction is the size. Apart from that, what you include should align with your objectives.

Can you help with postage costs?

Aside from the production of the mail, delivery is the costliest aspect of a mailshot campaign. Before you begin, you might have already started worrying about how to cover that. Hiring us to cover your mailshot campaign is definitely the most cost-effective decision you can make, as our contacts with postal providers will assure you get reduced delivery costs.

How can I measure the response?

You might have quality direct mail but still experience a poor response. You can avoid this by ensuring your address list is up to date. If not, take the time to do so. It doesn’t make for good lead generation if you find many of your contacts are dead. To measure response, ensure you include clear and compelling call to actions on your letters. These call to actions can have a URL linked to a landing page on your site or an email address/phone number dedicated to the campaign.

Are my personal details secure?

We take the privacy of our client’s account details seriously. We enforce strict measures to ensure their security. Apart from a limited number of personnel, your passwords and personal details cannot be accessed by anyone.

How much notice do you need to manage a mailshot?

With our years of experience in mailshot campaigns, we can do a lot even in short notice. We also have cutting-edge equipment which allows us to effectively meet your needs within a short time. However, the more time we have, the better our output, as mailshot creation is a creative process. We have, so far, adapted ourselves to be flexible seeing it is a requirement in the industry.

How do I check my image DPI?

If you are creating your mailshot campaign yourself and need to check your image DPI before creating the PDF version, simply right-click on the image, locate “properties” and click on it. Once that is done, click on the sub-tab detail that appears on the screen. The image DPI will be in the image details that appear.

I have lost my login details, what do I do?

If you have lost your login details, simply call our customer careline and notify them. We will take it from there and get you going immediately. We will make sure you are not behind schedule as we understand marketing campaigns can be time sensitive.

Why do personalised mailshots get a better response rate?

Studying your target and tailoring your direct message to them creates a stronger connection than sending them nonpersonal mail. Also, it makes the content of your mailshot appear more relevant to them, which leads to higher response and conversion.

How do I target my mailshot?

The better your ability to filter your list to suit your objectives, the more likely your campaign will be successful. Otherwise, you are likely going to be wasting time and resources with nothing to show for it. Contracting a data expert, if you don’t have one in-house, will significantly help you in better targeting your mailshot. In each campaign, ensure you keep the contacts of everyone you sent your mail to for future reference.

How long does it take to know if the mailshot has worked?

If you are sure your mailshot is high quality and contains clear call to actions, you should be getting responses from your contacts within a week or two. All you have to do then is to monitor all included channels, like your website, your email, telephone, reply card, and so on.