Marketing agencies

What does a marketing agency do?

A marketing agency is a company that plans, creates and implements marketing strategies for businesses. They are also tasked with doing extensive research into your market to increase your company’s sales and generate more revenue for you. Their common approach is to build a line of communication between you and your target audience. That way, they are able to create a wider awareness for your brand and identify the potential customers who will be interested in your product or service. The different areas they cover include advertising, branding, social media, public relations, and, generally, interacting with your target market.

Do you offer SEO?

Here, we see SEO as an important part of the marketing process and we have adapted to that evolution in the marketing industry. We provide our customers with sound SEO techniques guaranteed to produce visible results within a relatively short period. Every marketing effort we make for our clients is targeted at making their website more visible to their audience. Our team members keep themselves updated with every change in search engine algorithms and we devise means of using them to your advantage. However, if you decide to hire an SEO company that has experience in your sector, we have no problem working alongside them.

What if I do it myself?

Many companies hire marketers in-house. It is actually common practice to have a digital marketing department in companies. However, the benefits of hiring an inbound marketing agency significantly outweigh those of using an in-house team. Hiring us will provide you with our years of experience in the industry and you will have a team working directly for you. Also, an agency will approach your business marketing with a fresher perspective, an eye for details and a team devoted to generating substantial return on your investment in marketing.

Do you only use Google AdWords?

While most of our clients prefer using PPC, this is not the only method of creating online visibility for you. We have dozens of other methods we employ to achieve this, depending on your objectives. But, when it comes to pay-per-click, we have years of experience. So, we will assist you in choosing the right platform for you as we are well-versed in all of them. You should know, however, that this isn’t always effective, hence, our investment in other techniques.

Will you remove my link if we stop working together?

Although this is a common practice among many agencies, we will never remove the link on your site if you stop working with us. This is because we believe it’s unprofessional to do so. Also, it would be a huge waste of our time and resources. We make sure every project we carry out during your campaign is left intact, especially as they are already paid for. The links will only be removed by the client or us (on the direction of the client).

Who is going to work on my account?

Each account will be attended to by a dedicated team of marketers, writers and SEO specialists. However, an account manager will be assigned to your account who you can always call to speak to about the progress of your campaign or about any question you may have. Also, there will be a head of strategy devoted to your project.

How quickly will I see results?

There is no direct answer to this question as there are multiple factors that affect this. These include the industry and the amount of competition in it, how good the campaign is performing in the moment and the kind of content being published. Regarding the content, its frequency will also influence the speed of the results. Effort from both ends (yours and ours) will significantly increase the speed of results. For instance, you need to get a developer who will quickly implement recommendations.

Why do I need whitepapers or E-books?

Marketing is about leads and their quality. Whitepapers and E-books are amazing ways to capture lead data. They are simple, but visitors need to understand that you are adding value to them. That way, they will be more willing to provide you with their contact details which will help you nurture the relationship and easily turn them into paying customers.

How do you write for so many different industries?

We can work with any industry our client is in. The major problem with choosing an agency that specialises in your sector is that they often lack the wider experience which is at the heart of marketing. By conducting a Subject Matter Expert interview using your own employees (who know everything about your business and sector), we are able to use that information to the advantage of your business marketing.

How do you measure success?

Marketing is a vast and challenging area, and success is mostly achieved when you put in genuine effort without subscribing to the easier methods. It often takes a long time for the kind of success that will be long term to start appearing. However, we measure success in different ways, like your ROI in the form of revenue. But revenue generation is only a fraction of success in marketing. Customer retention through building brand authority is important too.

How much do you charge?

We offer strictly unique services. This means that no two projects are the same. This means there is no exact figure we can quote to say we will charge for your project before we know the details. Company marketing budgets vary, and we prefer to tailor our work efforts, strategy and the length of each campaign to match the available budget.

Will there be hidden costs for a full marketing project?

There will be no hidden costs for your project. Every expense will be covered by your monthly budget and we will work according to that. Only expenses like Google AdWords will be covered by the client, as this depends on factors we have no immediate control of.

How soon can we get started?

Once we are through signing an agreement, we usually take between 2 to 3 weeks before beginning your campaign. There are a lot of preparations to be made before we can launch your project. These include getting our team members up to speed about the strategy we are going to be employing for your project and hiring a writer especially for you.