Who is a Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant is a skilled expert who understands how to analyse businesses, what moves and motivates clients, and how to initiate strategies to enhance the prospects of a business. Generally, marketing consultants are into the profession of helping new businesses create a strategy that will help them grow and achieve goals, as well as established companies that are treading in uncharted waters and looking to expand. Consultants are normally experts that have played in the filed of marketing for many years and gathered a lot of experience and expertise.

What does a Marketing Consultant Do?

A marketing consultant is normally employed by companies to help them set up and implement certain strategies with the purpose of helping them grow. At the heart of every strategy developed by a consultant is the core of the business and what they have to offer in terms of products and services. The marketing consultant will develop the plan in full detail, devise the message that will be passed across to clients, and determine the right marketing mix to employ in executing this.

What’s the Difference Between an Advertising Agency and a Marketing Consultant?

Advertising agencies and marketing consultants complement each other but are quite different as they do not perform the same role. A marketing consultant’s role is to help businesses chart a course of marketing action to follow in order to achieve growth while ad agencies are usually brought in to help execute the laid out strategies through their creative teams that comprise art directors, graphics designers, expert copywriters and so on.

Do I Need a Marketing Agency or a Marketing Consultant?

Your company will need an advertising agency if it has set goals and marketing strategies already put in place. The ad agency will help with the execution of your marketing plan through targeted ad campaigns and other marketing endeavours. On the other hand, if you’re looking to set up a marketing strategy from scratch, then you need to go for a marketing consultant.

Where do Marketing Consultants Specialise In?​

Some marketing consultants will be able to create strategies for any kind of business through their expertise in customer engagement. While this is true, there are marketing consultants that only focus on certain industries like tech, construction, real estate and so on.

Marketers also specialise in different platforms of marketing. Some of these include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Traditional media marketing
  • Direct response marketing
  • Copywriting

Marketing consultants also differentiate themselves as general doers, strategic thinkers, day-to-day project managers, or specialists.

What Type of Consultant Should I Go For?

The type of consultant you should go for should ideally depend on your business needs as well as the goals you’re looking to achieve. In normal situations, it’ll be wise to go for specialists who understand your business industry through accumulated experience but in situations where you’re looking to expand to unfamiliar places, getting strategic thinkers and marketers with broader experience and practice will be wise. If you’re looking to engage in internet marketing, which you should, then you’ll need to engage digital marketing consultants.

What Are the Signs that my Business Needs a Marketing Consultant?

You’re going to need a competent marketing consultant for the following reasons:

  • You’re a new business and need an effective marketing strategy
  • You need streamlined objectives that you can practically focus on
  • A consultant will help you identify and fill resource gaps
  • You need to have a stable and consistent marketing engagement
  • You need to fix or enhance your conversion

When should I Consider Hiring a Consultant?

Hiring the services of a marketing consultant will be the right step when you’re trying to build a sustainable strategy for your new business. This will give you the opportunity to have an experienced professional set clear goals that will take the weight off your new business and see you achieve growth.

Also, if you’re undertaking a project that doesn’t fall within the core aspects of your business, engaging a consultant will be the smart move both financially and strategically. With a consultant, in this case, you can lower cost and reduce the time it takes to implement and execute the project.

How Does Consulting Add Value?

The consulting profession has a nature that allows the marketing consultant work across different industries and gather a lot of experience during the span of their career. Going for a consultant will afford your new business goals great resources such as the knowledge, experience, perspective, and skills of the consultant that you’ll hardly find elsewhere.

Should I Stop at Hiring a Marketing Consultant?

The goal of hiring a marketing consultant is to help you develop and implement strategies that will effectively see your business achieve its goals when it comes to growth and enhanced conversion. While this is a great move, it isn’t self-sufficient because you’ll need more hands to help you execute your plans. If you have a marketing team dedicated to this, then you can easily implement strategies. Otherwise, it’ll be ideal to consider using an advertising agency that will collaborate with your marketing consultant.

What Skills Should a Marketing Consultant Have?

Solid teamwork and human skills are required, as marketing consultants must work closely with other departments and customers. Typically, marketing-consultants are well versed in the entire marketing mix and able to develop key messages that adapt to the target market of the company and deliver marketing tactics with a high probability of success.

How Much Does Hiring a Marketing Consultant Cost?

There are different marketing consultants and the type you go for will, to a large extent, determine what you’ll get to pay. Some consultants won’t charge initial consultation fees but will bill you when you get down to business. Also, your business goals and target as well as the scope of the strategy that will be put in place will also determine marketing consultation fees. It’s important that you don’t go for consultants that are too cheap in order to get value for your money.

Does a Marketing Consultant Solve All my Issues?

Just getting a marketing consultant doesn’t guarantee the success of your business. The primary factor that will steer your business is the value of your products and services. In fact, most expert marketing consultants will not take up your job if you don’t have something valuable to offer.