Marketing management

What is marketing management and its functions?

Marketing management is the analysis, planning and implementation of strategies designed to ensure business sales of its products or services to its target audience. It concerns itself with the hands-on application of a company’s marketing techniques with the aim of realising defined objectives. Also, it is the aspect of marketing that sees to the management of a company’s marketing resources and activities. Its expertise is a combination of the tools of economics and competitive strategy. So, it can better understand the industry in which its client operates.

What is marketing management process?

This is the string of approaches and components a business employs with the aim of creating value for the customer. The objective of these processes is to ensure customer satisfaction. It is a series of actions and communication between the company and its customers in order to achieve this goal of value creation and customer satisfaction.

How does your social media management programme work?

We will also cover your social media management. The goal is the same as with your marketing campaigns generally – to drive sales and increase brand visibility. So, immediately when you sign a contract with us, we will ask for important details from you which will help us understand your brand and assume your social media voice efficiently. The more information you are able to provide us with the better. After receiving that (including your login details), we will begin running the platforms within a week.

How long is my commitment?

Every marketing campaign, the longer the duration, the better the results. Small results will begin showing from the start of managing your brand, but we recommend you sign up to a minimum of three months with us. This will allow us to better understand your brand and provide better results.

Can you do the engagement part for us?

Our marketing management programme, which includes social media management, also makes provision for engagements. We have been doing this for most of our clients, especially large companies with multiple production lines.

How does Connect Digital Marketing help to achieve one-to-one personalisation?

Connect Digital Marketing achieves complete customer personalisation through thorough customer understanding. Our system combines all the data available on each customer including sales receipts, emails, in store purchases, online purchases, and so on.

How will you work with our marketing team?

We communicate directly with your marketing team. This allows us to get access to important data, plans and gain insight into previous marketing campaigns. Our mode of operation is one that makes it possible for your team members to participate in the process as much as or as little as they want.

How do you make customer data actionable?

Our major approach is to gather as much data as possible. Even though it is very tasking going through a lot of data, we believe that the ability to gain a good understanding of who your customers are, and what their needs are, is the key to success in marketing. Therefore, we collect data from different sources and begin studying everything. Our study aims at understanding who the customer is, why they behave the way they behave, and how we can apply that information to better drive sales for you. Once we have understood this, we make sure we can bring you up to speed.

How do I become a client?

The process is simple. You can contact us through our phone number or send us an email and a representative will contact you shortly. They will also walk you through the easy processes. Our marketing management service is easy to use and yields great results for our clients. You can go through our website to check out the testimonies of our satisfied customers.

How can you assure confidentiality?

Our confidentiality is what keeps our business alive. We understand letting outside organisations have the level of information we will be asking of you is risky. We do not see this as a right. Instead, we see it as a privilege which must be safeguarded strictly. Which is why we not only assure absolute confidentiality but we also put up measures to ensure all sensitive data we have is well secure.

Why should we outsource our sales and marketing functions to you?

Outsourcing your sales and marketing functions to us will ensure you record significant sales and generate a higher revenue than you have been doing so far. You will be doing this at a much lower cost than your present marketing methods. What’s more, you will be will be building stronger market authority since we will be offering you our years of experience and skill in marketing.

What can I expect as a Connect Digital Marketing agency client?

As a client of Connect Digital Marketing, you will be provided with complete professional representation. Our well-trained experts will ensure you have peace of mind as they will handle all your sales. We guarantee you higher revenue if you let us represent your brand week after week. You also stand to achieve all these at a minimal cost.

Will you contact my customers?

No. We regard your relationship with your customers as sacred and because of that we will make sure not to contact them or harass them in anyway. We understand that they are at the heart of all your marketing efforts and so will do everything never to jeopardise that. We are only here to manage and represent.

What if I have multiple locations?

We can effectively handle businesses with thousands of locations both local and international. Our system is designed to manage and implement your marketing strategies wherever you are located.

Will you be hosting my website?

We have the skills and resources to host your website, but we recommend you do this yourself. Your website is your most important asset in digital marketing and therefore should be under your control. Any agency that accepts hosting your website for you does not have your best interests at heart, as you stand the chance of hurting your company if they go out of business.