Online marketing courses

What is a certification?

A certification, in an online marketing course context, is a collection of carefully-selected video classes that are centred on one or two aspects of digital marketing. The idea is to teach participants extensively on a selected specialty of online marketing principles. At the end of the certification classes, participants take exams based on what they have been taught. The score requirements for most of these online marketing courses is 70%, with a maximum of three attempts. Those who pass are given a certificate which they can include in their CVs and use in their professional networks.

How will I receive a certificate?

Once you have fulfilled the requirements and have passed all your courses, your certificate will be sent to you via email. The format of the certificate will usually be PDF and you will be notified of when you should receive it.

What is the eligibility to take these courses?

A basic knowledge of computer operation is all the eligibility required of you to participate in our classes. You don’t need a background in IT or marketing to participate. The idea of our diploma is to teach you everything you need to know about digital marketing so that you can pursue a career in it.

Why should I take any of your courses?

Online marketing is becoming the primary marketing channel for most businesses, which means there is a high demand for professionals in that field. We provide practical knowledge in online marketing as all our courses are unique and designed by professionals in the digital marketing industry.

I can’t decide which course suits me, what do I do?

You don’t have to worry about that. All we need you to do is indicate interest. If you are having trouble deciding on the course that is suitable for you, simply place a call to our customer care unit and ask them. Our representatives will be with you in a short while to provide all the advice and guideline you will need to arrive at a decision.

How many attempts do I have to pass the final exam?

Every student is allowed a maximum of three attempts to pass the courses. Failure to do so means the person will have to discontinue the course without being issued a certificate. For each of the three attempts, the student is aiming to score a minimum of 70% to pass.

Can I pay the fees in instalments?

Yes. You can pay the fees for most of our courses to be paid in instalments. However, we have a maximum of three instalments for the payments, which can span through the duration of the course. We also provide a range of payment methods to make enrolling easier for our students. You are free to pay with the following methods: online transfers, card payments and cheques. We also allow our students to ask for a bank draft.

Is there a job guarantee?

We provide 100% job assurance. We believe in the quality of our courses. And in an industry growing at a fast pace, well-trained professionals are in high demand.

What is the duration of your online marketing course?

We have the quick training group, the regular group and the flexible timing group, which spans weekdays and weekends. The regular courses can cover between 30 to 45 days while the quick training students will be done before that. Flexible timing courses take longer to complete.

Will I get any support in the form of software and themes?

Yes. We provide assistance in the form of software and themes to aid your learning. These will allow you to study outside class hours and between classes. They ensure you are able to follow during the classes. They are also helpful to our students long after they have completed the certification courses.

How qualified are your trainers?

Our trainers are highly-qualified and experienced professionals. They include digital marketing consultants, heads of related departments, industry speakers, and so on.

Where will my qualification be recognised?

Our online marketing courses are world class and built on the standard requirements of leading digital marketing bodies. This means you can take your certificate with you anywhere to start off a strong career in digital marketing and build yourself a network among professionals in any country with this industry.

I am a working professional – can I request flexible timing?

Generally, our timing is flexible because we know most of our students are working professionals with varying working hours. We try to tailor the classes as much as we can to your schedule. For working professionals, we have both weekdays and weekend classes.

How can these courses help me in my start-up?

If you are a start-up, it means you have ideas and creativity but likely a limited budget. This course is ideal for you as it will provide you with all the knowledge you need to run amazing digital marketing campaigns for your business and increase its visibility. With that, you can generate lots of leads which you can then convert into revenue.

How will I learn hands-on in your courses if I don’t have a website or a blog?

You don’t need to worry about owning a blog or your own website to make the best of our courses. Part of the courses involves creating a blog for you and others who don’t already have one. The blog can serve as a way for you to put into practice what you are taught during classes. You can also use it to measure your progress through the duration of the courses and beyond.

Can I attend demo classes before enrolling?

We offer a demo class before enrolling you in the course. However, this is not mandatory. It is designed to bring prospective students up to speed with our method of teaching and reading materials. Students who take the time to go through the demo class often perform better as they have acquainted themselves with the system before classes begin.