What is SEO-PPC?

This involves the use of both search engine optimisation techniques and pay-per-click ads to boost traffic to one’s website and boost sales. They are the two best means of increasing online visibility of your business or organization. While SEO includes practices ranging from keyword search optimization to increasing website responsiveness on all browsers and devices, PPC involves paying for traffic using Google AdWords, Yahoo search marketing and other search engine’s marketing tools. SEO-PPC is basically a combination of natural methods for ranking on search engines and simply paying for the traffic you get on your site.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

The major differences between SEO and PPC is that PPC campaigns are launched quickly while SEO can take months. The results of paid ads are easy to measure while the more natural SEO methods are difficult to measure. When using the two, SEO focuses on a few keywords while PPC targets as much as possible. Generally, search engine optimization is the more natural technique for increasing visibility than the other.

Is PPC better than SEO?

Both SEO and PPC have their unique features which, if used properly together, will yield great results for any business. But, determining which will be your primary source of traffic generation will depend on your business objectives. SEO is the better choice if you are looking to build yourself as an authority in your niche while PPC will get you leads within the shortest time.

What are keywords?

Keywords are text descriptions of the information people are searching for online. Put simply, they are the text a user puts into a search engine to access the content they need.  It is at the heart of every SEO effort because using the right keywords is what will get you the the traffic you need on your website.  Once that is achieved, you are then in the best position to convert them into paying  customers if revenue generation is your objective.

How do you choose the right keywords?

We research or brainstorm on the relevant keywords for your business with our marketing team. Then, using some selected software programmes, we determine how much search interest exists around those keyword phrases and how much an ad would cost you.

How many keywords would you research?

We don’t have a limit to the keywords we will research for you. Instead, we will dig into various keyword combinations with a focus on cheaper ones which your competition hasn’t gotten in on.

Should I target mobile devices?

Whether or not you should target mobile with your ads really depends on the quality of your website. So, before you make that decision, you should know if your site is mobile friendly and allows users to complete registration easily. If not, targeting mobile wouldn’t be an effective approach.

What ad position will my PPC ads appear on?

The position of your ad will mostly be determined through bidding. The highest bid takes the top position on most search engines. So you can have yours on any desired position if you have the money. However, this does not necessarily guarantee a high click through rate. In fact, ads that are ranked 2 and 3 get more clicks than the top one most times. But this is usually because of accidental clicks.

Why do Search Engine Rankings Change Frequently?

The internet is a complex and dynamic place. Search engines like Google are constantly working on finding the best algorithm with which to serve the most relevant content to users. While this is good for users, it can be frustrating for website owners. It is possible one is ranking number 1 today on a particular search and rank 4 the next dag because of these changes. The reason for the change are many. Search engines can change the way they evaluate sites and contents, new sites with more relevant content can come up or old sites upgrade their content.

What is Google merchant center?

It is a tool marketers use which allows them to upload their product listing  using Google Product Ads, Google Commerce search and Google Shopping. It is basically a single online dashboard where online businesses can manage their brand on all Google ecommerce products and edit their online listing from time to time.

How do I come up to speed with all the search engine commonly used terms?

If you are new in the business, you can begin by searching  “SEM”, ” SEO” and “PPC” on Google. The other terms will keep coming up as you research. Also check some of the services on our website and then go from there.

Why can’t I find my website on Google even for the name of my business?

There are few factors that might give rise to that. The commonest is the longevity of your site. If it is just a few weeks or months old, it is possible it hasn’t been ranked.

Can you guarantee me the first position on Google?

No, we can’t guarantee you a number 1 placement on Google search. There are so many factors that conspire to determine that one of which is  the competitiveness of the market, quality of inbound links, quality of content, and many more. Therefore, it is not possible to make any guarantee and you should be wary of anyone who makes such guarantees.

Why is my cost-per-click increasing?

The factors that determine this are quality score and your competition. While you are optimising your keywords, your competition is doing same. This results in higher cost per click. Also, low quality scores can increase the cost. Therefore, ensure your landing pages are improved and also work on your ad relevance.

Why does my business need SEO?

With the fall of most traditional marketing channels and growing use of the internet to drive sales for businesses, you will need to focus a lot of your attention on targeting your audience online. While you are doing so, thousands of other businesses, including your competition, are also reaching out to them. Therefore, it is important to stay visible on search engines which is the goals of all SEO efforts. SEO allows you to build a sound web presence, grow your brand and better position your products and services for higher revenue.

Who and where will see my PPC ad?

There is no single answer to that. It depends on where you think your customers will see it. But it is generally recommended you use Google and Facebook since they are the two most popular platforms. But depending on your budget, Bing and Yahoo are good too.